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Andrew Eash lived in Costa Rica for a year and recently served in Brazil on a mission trip. His passion for resourceful living has led to his experimentation and design in solar, as well as aquaponics and other agricultural methods.


Andy is a missionary in training with Abundaculture Ministry’s and is now officially an associate with Equip International. Eash continues to explore this interest, studying Renewable Energy at John Brown University.


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A short Bio from Andy

I have always been fascinated with how things work. At two years-of-age I sat on the kitchen floor, opening and closing one of the cabinet doors countless times, captivated by the movement. At two and a half, I was tying my own shoes. At school, I fixed the pencil sharpener and the clock. My unrelenting curiosity continues to this day.

Along with my love of how things work, missions has been an important part of my upbringing. My Dad’s parents were missionaries in Venezuela for over 40 years and my grandparents on my Mom’s side have been active on Christian college and church boards. My father worked at Focus on the Family for 24 years and now does translation and media production in Spanish for Christian ministries across the nation. When I was 10 years old, my family had the opportunity to live in Costa Rica for a year. There, God gave me a heart for missions. During our stay in Costa Rica and our travels to Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala, I saw the needs of the poor. I felt like an ant looking at an elephant-sized problem!

At the age of 11, I began working for Jack Dody, a family friend, in his home repair business. I learned many handyman skills and God showed me how I might help those people I had seen in Costa Rica and Central America. Through Jack’s vast knowledge of solar electric, water catchment and purification, agriculture, shelter and sanitation, a new door opened for God’s calling on my life. Jack was training missionaries, sharing ideas that captivated my mind and energized my spirit. Since that time, I have continued to work with Mr. Dody. He has spent countless hours answering questions and  explaining important concepts.

With my life leaning towards missions, I joined a short-term mission team to Brazil. This trip pushed me in ways that I had never been pushed, forcing me to step out of my comfort zone. It also gave me an opportunity to see how the information Jack had been teaching me for years could be applied to real-world mission work. Brazil gave me ten days to see how God might use me in the future.

As I move forward in this calling, I’ve committed to a five-year internship with Jack. At the same time, God willing, I will further my education at John Brown University, pursuing a degree in engineering with an emphasis on renewable energies. I have been accepted as a member of EQUIP International, a mission agency. With God’s help and the people at EQUIP to hold me accountable, I am building a team of believers who will pray for me and help support my work financially.

I am excited for the future God has for me!

To learn  more about being a part of Andy’s work, contact him by text, call or email.

“Our missionary-in-training, Andy, helped me drive to Alabama for the conference. He had a great opportunity to develop networking skills and to meet some great saints who have faithfully served and seen God's blessings in their lives. During more than three thousand miles in our little car, we were able to lay out our plans for the training that will take place over the next five years. Andy is now officially an associate with Equip International. As a student at John Brown University, he plans to become an engineer and to use his skills in missions. I'm praising God for allowing our ministry to be part of Andy's life.”

–Jack Dody, founder of Abundacuture Ministries



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