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Resilient Christian Communities

Resilient Christian Communities follow a House Church model for a closer relationship with Jesus and with fellow believers.

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Resilient Christian Communities are self-sustaining and off-grid Christian communities, providing a sustainable and radical way of intentionally living for God. House Churches provide a model for a closer relationship with Jesus and with fellow believers


Resilient Christian Communities

Want to radically live for God? Resilient Christian Communities are self-sustaining, off-grid Christian communities that provide a sustainable and Christ-centered way of life.

We are looking for a few followers of Jesus who are interested in creating Resilient Christian Communities (RCCs). The first community will be developed on 35 acres, 50 miles east of Colorado Springs, CO, in a rural setting. We are working in a rural setting initially because there are fewer rules and regulations than an urban location.

You will learn how to build your own, moveable, off-grid home, featuring solar power, water catchment and natural food production. When you leave, you take your home with you.

RCCs will provide examples of radical Christian living across America. The Bible is our guide. Homeschooling is encouraged. Simple, debt-free living is encouraged. Members of RCCs are encouraged to develop skills that are locally marketable.

RCCs are small by design, with 10-12 members (children included). Using a simple House Church model, multiplication of RCCs is a goal. (See House Church info.) Our experience is that the House Church grows because many Christians desire a closer relationship with Jesus and with other believers. Growth tends to be organic and rapid. When the group grows to more than a dozen members, it divides and another RCC is created.

Christ-Centered Community

Freedom in Christ is emphasized. There is no leader other than Jesus. The Bible is our manual for living and our guide for problem solving. Members are encouraged to come and go as they feel led. Living in Christian community is more challenging than living like the rest of the world. If you're looking for easy or perfect, this is not it.


You will need to provide for yourself. While sharing is encouraged, there will be no free rides. Building your own small home will require at least $10,000. What you build will be portable and belongs to you. You need to provide for your expenses for one year. There are no fees or charges to be paid to the community. Sharing is voluntary, with no coercion.



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