God cares about your finances. He addresses the subject many times in His Word. Start your journey to financial success by studying what the Bible says about money. There are a few books that were very helpful to me as I learned what God says about finances: Ron Blue’s Master Your Money and Larry Burkett’s How To ManageYour Money.

1. Study what the Bible says about your finances.

2. Develop your Abundaculture homestead. It is a buffer against America’s Boom and Bust economy. Let others ride that roller coaster. Invest in your homestead and depend on God, He will make your paths straight.

3. Don’t put your money into government programs such as IRAs, 401Ks, etc. Those programs are always designed to benefit the government first and foremost. For instance, if you need your money from an IRA for an emergency before the government says you can have it - you typically lose 30% of your money. There is always a catch with the government. They care about your money - God cares about you!

4. Be your own banker.




The Bible is the foundation of Abundaculture principles. Carefully read the first 22 pages of the Abundaculture Training Manual. Your children and grandchildren will be blessed by what they learn and what they build on the homestead. They will pass the same Abundaculture principles on to their children, and on and on.

When you begin your homesteading, focus on the five basic principles of Abundaculture:

1. Create simple, inexpensive shelter.

2. Create energy to make your life safer, more comfortable and productive.

3. Harvest, purify, and recycle rainwater.

4. Grow enough food so that you can share with others.

5. Create a safe waste recycling system—it is the key to ongoing food production.




Keep it simple. Ask God to show you what you need and how much you need. Use the Abundaculture Training Manual as a planning guide.

Strive to share God’s abundance.

Consider building your structure on wheels so that you can go where you need to go, when you need to go. Life changes, be flexible.

Keep an eye on taxes. Many homesteaders have successfully created beautiful homesteads that they could no longer afford as taxes increased. Consider renting and leasing.

Help others learn skills they need to create their own homesteads.




An Abundaculture homestead is a partnership between your family and the King of the Universe. If you work diligently for another man, you will help provide generational wealth for his family, seldom for yours. God will provide for your family in a way that no one else can.

As you develop good, effective Abundaculture homesteads, you can sell those homesteads. Once again, be your own banker. Hold the deeds on your homesteads until the buyer has paid in full. You can structure payments that will be very manageable for the buyer while keeping your taxable income at low levels. It’s a win-win.

Your servant in Christ,



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Four Steps to financial Independence

Get a copy of Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash. This is a critical step in taking responsibility for your financial success. It involves purchasing a very specific type of life insurance. Buying the wrong insurance is not helpful. I needed assistance to make the right purchase. Many insurance people are clueless about this strategy. I will be glad to share my insurance agent with anyone who needs help.

The sooner you purchase the right life insurance, the better. In most states you can purchase life insurance when you are 18. Do it! The older you are, the more the insurance will cost. When you are young it is very inexpensive. Get this excuses.

Parents who are looking for a safe investment should consider helping their kids buy these special insurance policies.

Why is insurance so important?

1. It provides a tax shelter for your savings. This will be critically important in the future as our government tries to pay for decades of reckless spending by raising taxes to unprecedented level. This strategy won’t succeed, but it will bankrupt anyone who doesn’t have an effective tax shelter. Living the Abundaculture lifestyle is a tax shelter in itself, as you will need fewer dollars to live abundantly. If you don’t make dollars, you don’t pay taxes on the dollars. Think very carefully before you amass cash. You need some money, but the more you make, the more the government will take—by force. Better to enjoy God’s abundance. He will multiply your wealth. The government will always take until there is no more to take. God’s plan works—the government’s plans have never worked—NEVER!

2. The insurance I recommend pays reasonable interest dividends. You are not burying your money in the back yard.

3. When God provides extra abundance in the form of cash, add it to your insurance policies, where it will grow and be available when you need it.

There are lots of details in the insurance plan. Get a copy of Becoming Your Own Banker and talk to a qualified insurance agent.

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