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See Jack's presentation below at the 2014  Redeeming the Dirt Conference.

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Helping to meet the basic physical needs for energy, shelter, food, water and waste, in any environment, are tangible ways to begin relationships and demonstrate the love of Christ.

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Abundaculture is an integrated system that allows a child of God, in dependence upon the Holy Spirit, to access God’s abundance in providing energy, housing, clean water, good food, and sanitary living conditions for himself and to share with others.   read more>

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I benefited enormously from Jack's tutelage, and recommend him highly to any serious student of appropriate technology.

–Allen C., Boston

Build Your Own Solar Ark
Equip International, inc

For almost 25 years Equip has been preparing Christian missionaries for service in remote areas. Equip training includes a wide range of practical courses under the general headings of water technology, medicine and health, sustainable agriculture, and communications. Helping to meet basic physical needs is a tangible way to begin relationships and demonstrate the love of Christ. See the Equip website for more specific information and course listings.

The same skills that allow missionaries to thrive in developing countries will make your homestead successful. Let Equip help you design a program to meet your specific needs. Equip has training facilities in North Carolina, Colorado, and Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

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