Mission Statement

The purpose of our ministry is to help missionaries, homesteaders and home schoolers succeed. Through education and example, we show missionaries how they can meet their own physical needs and the needs of the people they serve, no matter how difficult their circumstances.

We help develop strategies for safe, comfortable living space with dependable electricity, clean water, good food and sanitary waste disposal.

Whether you serve in the heart of the city or in rural areas, we help you create appropriate technologies for your family and for the people you will reach for Christ.

We help you answer two important questions:

1. How can you function effectively even in very difficult living conditions?

2. How can you use appropriate technology strategies to gain opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

The Basic Premises

1. Every person longs for a safe, comfortable place to live, with clean water, good food and functional sanitation.

2. God provides all of these needs to and through His people.
 By sharing these things, we earn the right to share Christ.


Jack and Marilou Dody are associates of Equip International. They live in an “off-the-grid” home which they designed and built themselves in Rush, Colorado, making their own electricity, recycling water and waste, and growing food.

Jack has used his strategies to help missionaries and the people they serve to live safely and comfortably in the most difficult places on earth.

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