Survivin' in the Suburbs Environment Stewardship Starts at Home

 What will you do

when your water is contaminated?

when the power goes off?

when toilets won't flush?

when there is no food in the grocery store?

 You can be prepared!  We will show you how

to have extra, potable water.

to have emergency electricity.

to have a back-up toilet.

to have extra food on hand.


 We will work with you to create a personalized preparedness plan for  your family.  We will help you put your plan into action. You set your goals and control your expenses.

 Cost for your Personalized Preparedness Plan



a basic energy audit

water audit

food audit

redundant waste disposal plan


Contact Jack today for more information

Jack is an applied technology instructor for Equip International.  His strategies have been used by missionaries around the world to create safe, comfortable living spaces.

About Jack

Jack and his wife, Marilou, live in an “off-the-grid” home which the designed and built in Rush, Colorado.  Electricity is made with photovoltaics and a wind charger.  Water is filtered and re-cycled.  Waste is minimized and recycled.  Jack and Marilou increase their food storage with an organic garden.

But even more valuable is the hands-on seminar that Jack offers on his homestead where he walks the student through all of the various aspects of appropriate technology treated in his manual. In step-by-step sequences, Jack offers personal instruction in all aspects of appropriate technology, pointing out its application on his ingeniously equipped homestead and on near-by construction projects that he directs.

–Allen, Boston


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