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Abundaculture has always recommended Tiny Homes. Our eXtreme Tiny Homes incorporate Solar Electricity, rainwater catchment and purification, gray water recycling, Passive Solar design with super insulation, and sawdust composting toilets.

Build your own Tiny HOME for less then $10,000!
EXtreme Tiny Homes use Passive Solar design I love Tiny Houses. I love the ideas of frugality and simplicity that they represent. The popularity of Tinys is driven by the beauty of their design. I can create a purely functional, very small dwelling that is, at its best, boring, and at its worst, ugly. The problem that I see with many Tiny Houses is that many are very beautiful spaces that I would never want to live in because they will be very hot when the sun shines and very cold when doesn't. Beauty without comfort is not acceptable. I want to create a space that is comfortable for human beings every day and in every kind of weather. I'm an old man who has been designing and building small dwellings since my youth. One thing that I have learned to utilize that makes a home I want to live in is Passive Solar design. Click below to download the rest of this article, Extreme Tiny Home plans and three additional presentation pdfs for free!

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Passive Solar Design Article

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Perfect for the DIY individual!

EXtreme Tinys are designed to be eXtremely cost effective, starting at less that $10,000, using repurposed building materials as much as possible.

Composting is the key to healthy soil. We envision our eXtreme Tiny Homes surrounded by Abundaculture gardens.

We believe that our ideas are timeless and priceless. We, therefore, make our ideas and plans available at no charge. Even our consultation is free.

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Hands-on Training!
Extreme tiny house on wheels Using Abundaculture principles

Goals for our tiny house

.  To build a house on wheels that was easily constructed with simple hand tools.

.  To build a house on wheels using re-used and repurposed materials whenever possible.

.  To build a house on wheels that was safe, comfortable, sanitary and beautiful.

.  To build a house on wheels that was off-the-grid.

.  TO BUILD A HOUSE ON WHEELS THAT WAS AFFORDABLE! total cost under $10,000!

Information about Jack Dody

Jack and Marilou Dody are associates of Equip International. They live in an "off-the-grid" home which they designed and built themselves in Rush, Colorado, making their own electricity, recycling water and waste, and growing food.

Jack has used his strategies to help missionaries and the people they serve to live safely and comfortably in the most difficult places on earth.

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